Free Write: Trip to Cojimies

I woke up one morning to my mom saying to pack. I was wondering where we were going. I saw my cousins and aunts packing. One of my cousin texted me asking what I was bringing. I asked her where we were going and she said that she didn’t know. I almost finished packing when my mom said to hurry because the car we rented was here. I quickly shoved my things into my bag and then I raced downstairs and then we left. I was sitting in the car seat for hours. I had my blanket and pillow which was fine so I was comfy. Finally, after 4 hours of driving we were there. As soon as I saw the house I knew where we were. We stayed at this house years ago with family. My mom’s cousin owns this house. We dropped our stuff off in our rooms. The room where me and my cousins were staying in had two bunk beds a full size bed. The only problem is that the top bunks had no mattress and were broken because the house has been broken into many times because it’s a beach house and not a permanent one. I went outside and walked with my cousins. We went to get ice cream and we saw so many dogs on the streets. We saw this one dog that kept following us and it started playing with my sister. They were really dirty so we didn’t touch them just to be safe. We ate at a restaurant that had really good food. When we were there my mom’s cousin saw a family friend.  We all decided to stay together and we went for a walk on the beach and to play around on it. The beach had soft sand that went in between my toes but was burning the bottom of my feet. I sprinted to the water to cool them off. A dog chased me to the water and as the dog leaped into the water he wet me. A wave crashed into my legs that somehow got my shirt and face wet too. After a hour at the beach we went back to the house. We then went on a motorcycle taxi which drove us around the town so we could look around and see what it’s like. It was getting late so we went home. It was a fun experience and I hope to do it again. 

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4 thoughts on “Free Write: Trip to Cojimies

  1. Thank you for sharing, Celestina. But, I think an interested reader would be asking: Why did the writer’s family travel to where they traveled? Especially since you begin the piece with the idea that this trip came up unexpectedly.

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