Free Write Week 1 Day 1

We all know that the world is crazy right now. 2020 will go down in history and we all had to live through it. From the COVID 19 virus, and deaths of some of our favorite celebrities, to wildfires, riots and so much more. I remember thinking to myself at the beginning of quarantine, what else is gonna happen? Then you hear on the news a few days later that wildfires are spreading and destroying towns in California. 2020 just wont give us a break. I¬† also remember joking to my friends and family about the virus, and how it was cool that we might have to move to doing school all online, even though I doubted that it would ever happen, then every single school in the US gets shut down. I thought that we would be out of school for a few weeks and then it would all be over. but here I am now, almost a year later, writing about it all, and nothing has changed. We all thought things would be better by now, but instead, there worse. A few years ago, I remember watching the news and seeing people in china walking around with masks on because of the pollution. I thought it was so strange and I felt bad, although I was glad that I wasn’t in their position. Now, we have had to adjust to living the exact same way. We have to wear masks everywhere we go in public. I hope its all over soon, and that 2020 gets better instead of worse, but nobody really knows.

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2 thoughts on “Free Write Week 1 Day 1

  1. That explained the entire summer and school year so far perfectly in one paragraph. It makes me remember going through that time. I recall in social studies class first being told of the potential of closing school. I loved it. When we went all in a little over a week ago, my heart sank.

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