Free Write

Boredom. It’s all I felt as I stared up hopelessly and watched as the dome of the Roswell planetarium was lit up by projections. By the time I zoned out of the 30 minute show they were talking about Rome, I was struggling to piece together how it was all related. It all felt vague. I sat in the silence, it didn’t feel like the best way of entertainment. My mind drifting off about what we could have done with the 8 dollars, probably a drink. It felt like forever. Roswell, known for its alien case. But definitely not for its planetarium or zoo. Which for a fact had a cow in a pen and a few other animals.

About 20 minutes in, my dad bumped me on the shoulder. It was a full week of just him and me. My mom was in the Philippines visiting family, my older brother was the reason we were down here. We brought the Philmont gear for his troop. My dad pointed out a structure. A dimly lit metallic object. Two dots were eye level. Glowing red. Tall, highlights adorned one side. I focused on it until it ended.

A tired looking guy walked to the dome, a red light pointer. Pointing the dot at the ceiling which was supposed to be the night sky for the night, talking about the stars and constellations which would be out in a monotone voice. We as 2 of the Lupos found the Lupus constellation as some of the most entertaining bits of the event. 

We adventured out as fast as we could. As the room lit up the figure was equipment. But there was worst places we went in Roswell.

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