Free Write: 2020 – Jade D

2020 has been quite the year. Before I wrote this in the blog, I decided to read what some of my piers wrote, and 2020 seems to be a common topic. But, I would still like to share my story. My family and I decided to move from a small town in northern Montana to Connecticut. Oh, and in the middle of a global pandemic. Last year, today, on November 24th, 2019 I was still going to football games, getting excited for ski season, and hanging out with all of my friends (yes we still had football games). Never ever, would I have thought that in a year I would have lost and left so much and be writing this in my home in Connecticut, a place I had only heard about from my parents and never been able to visit yet, keyword yet. I had absolutely no clue that I would lose so many things that were so big to me then, which are so small to me now. In March of 2020 the country went into a lockdown. I remember, as if it were yesterday, my last day of school before covid. Me and a group of my close friends had been planning to hangout at a friend’s house just down the road after school, keep that in mind as you read. During my last class of the day, which was foods, my teacher got an email. My foods teacher was a sweetheart and of course told us about the email and what it said. We all walked out of that room very scared. I ran as fast as I could to my locker so I could tell my friends what happened. I distinctly remember finding one of my closest friends, we’re going to call her K. We were trying to meet up to walk out and she was walking around hugging everyone and saying things like, “I might not see you ever again” or “If something happens just know I love you.”. I walked up to her and said, “K_, don’t say that, we’ll be back on Monday”.And just like that, we left. To make a very long story short, we never came back on Monday…

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2 thoughts on “Free Write: 2020 – Jade D

  1. Hi Jade,
    I really enjoyed reading your writing, your ending left me wanting more. I liked how you mentioned that many of our peers have also written about this time, but you also shared your story, that made me think about how we all have been affected differently by this pandemic and all of our stories will be unique and different. That being said, your story was also very relatable, I think most people can relate to everything suddenly being scarily ripped away. You also included lots of detail, which I think applied writing tip #1 well. Great Job!

  2. Wow Jade I really enjoyed your story! It was so interesting to read about your life in Montana. I loved how you ended your story it was very meaningful. You are an amazing writer.

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