Free Write

If I am to write a story I would use a computer. But no, to be authentic would be to use paper. But I cant write with a pen, what if a mistake is made? So I must use a pencil. My mechanical pencil is orange and white. Orange and black would be best, because they are the best colors. Orange and black are also Halloween colors which is my third favorite holiday, behind Christmas and my birthday. This pencil, which I am using, I have had for a long time, ever since I picked it up off of the ground last January. I am quite happy that I took  this from it cruel owner. Luckily I have kept it alive thanks to the abundant fuel of lead (graphite). And that’s my happy pencil story.     🙂

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3 thoughts on “Free Write

  1. Great Job Luke I think you really touched the dilemna of what type of writing tool is best when writing. I am afraid that I have to disagree with your favorite colors, but I’m happy that you are such a caring keeper of the pencil.

  2. Hey Luke,
    I think it’s amazing you can find so much to say about a pencil. Did you know you could use erasable pen? I know I know, not really typical, but I find that to be authentic like I’m using a fountain pen. How would you react if you found a mechanical pencil on the ground now, during a pandemic?

  3. Hi Luke! I like how you said so much about one object and all about just a pencil. I liked reading your pencil story and you describing the origin story, and the colors. You wrote a good free write.

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