Free write

I arived at the beach with my friends and family, I look out to the ocean.
“wow those waves are big” I said.
We set up our towels and umbrellas. I went straight to the ocean with my boogie board. I was sitting out in the waves waiting for the perfect one to ride all the way back to shore. There I saw a huge wave, I got on my boogie board and prepared to ride the wave. The wave came in and I rode it to the shore.
“Wow that was awesome” I said
I kept riding the waves for awhile and decided it was time to get out of the water and dry off. I got out with my boogie board and started walking towards our spot. I relaxed for awhile and then noticed the waves were getting even bigger. I grabbed my boogie board and ran right back out into the water. I rode some waves for a little bit and then saw the biggest wave of my life. I was ready to ride it, I prepared my self and waited for the wave to come to me. It was here the biggest wave of the day. I got on the wave and started to ride it. My board started to shake and before I knew it I was thrown under the watter by this huge wave. I was under the water and my body smacked down into the sand I thought i was going to die. I swam and swam back to the top before I had a second to breathe another one crashed down on me. I struggled to get back up to the surface. after a couple of seconds I was back up looking for where my boogie board went. Then I noticed my boogie board was up on the shore snapped in half. I was done after that I rushed to the shore, picked up my broken board and went up to the spot we had set up. after that I didnt go back in the water all day.

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