Free write Jack L.





“Letttttssss Gooo!!!” I had screamed at the top of my lungs after getting the winning touchdown against finley at the breezy park in rhode island. I have never felt this feeling before crushing a kid 2 years younger than me. Right after I had scored that touchdown I had given Finley a handshake. He definitely had been upset that I beat him since he was such a tough, determined kid. As we started to walk back to finley’s house we saw something soooo beautiful, sooo gorgeous we had to go get it. And that thing was one of the many things I and Finley had in common. Dunkin Donuts. We both looked right at each other and sprinted towards the store. Once we had finished our 100 meter dash towards Double D we had noticed something different. There was this sign on the door. I had read it out loud to my and finley and it read this, “The inside of the store is closed due to covid,the drive through is still open.” At that moment we were furious. Me and finley were sooo excited we were about to get our Donuts. I started to walk back in the direction of Finley’s house, when Finley had shouted, “Jack why don’t we just go through the drive through.” I stared at finley then ran as fast as I could towards Dunkin. Once we got in the drive through line, there were cars on each side of us thinking we were crazy. While me and Finley were just vibing. We had finally got to the window where we ordered and they said,”Hi, I’m sorry we don’t take orders unless you’re in a car.” I cant even explain how angry I was at this moment. I couldn’t even talk. I just put my head down and went to the mcdonalds next door.

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