Free Write: Normal Life- Poppy M.

I really hope that Covid ends soon- I miss hanging out with my friends and normal life. It’s also kind of hard to believe that November is almost done, along with 2020. 

I hope that when 2020 eventually ends, that it goes back to semi-normal, but not completely, because a virus doesn’t just go away the next day.

I’m excited for all the new things coming my way, and I can’t wait for January, mostly because it’s a good month and I enjoy the cold (and there’s the inauguration) 

I think because of the pandemic and everything that has happened this year people have become more and more irritable and aggressive, even when just shopping in the grocery store, someone could be fighting over say toilet paper. (Why did everyone want to stock up on that anyway?) But what are we supposed to think about all of this? We’re only 13/14? Someday when we’re all older, our children will ask us what we were doing during the  famous 2020 they probably learned in their history books. And we’ll sit them down and tell them about our seventh grade selves, and how much it affected us and the rest of the world, and how we overcame that year, not just the town of Easton, but the whole world.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that in 2021, we will hopefully have better memories than in 2020.

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