Free Write: Recap of 2020 By Helena G.

This year had been a crazy, dramatic, and stressful year and no one expected it to turn out this way but just in case you forgot here is a recap of all of the events that I remember plus my take on them: Australia faced their most devastating wildfire season starting in December and into the new year. I remember seeing pictures of firefighters holding koalas which is probably no the best thing to remember but it is what it is. Then,  in the beginning of January it was announced that a deadly virus had emerged from Wuhan, China then after a couple months, the virus spread globally so we had to quarantine and follow strict rules. I remember that the day that it was announced that we will have to start doing online school was also the last day of my physical therapy. Pretty exciting at least for me but then that also meant I had to be home with my siblings which I wasn’t too thrilled about. Then, on January 26th, Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna died due to their helicopter crashing. Also, in January, Trump faced and impeachment trial and I remember seeing all these commercials on YouTube about why Trump should get impeached. Later on, in May protests supporting Black Lives Matter starting happening due to the death of George Floyd. Then I remember hearing rumors that Kim Jong Un died and I also remember hearing  how murderous hornets arrived in the U.S.  Then there was a massive explosion in Beirut and not long after the surprisingly and unexpectedly Chadwick Bosemen passed away due to a 4 year long battle with colon cancer. I also remember I found out that Ruth Bader Ginsburg died at my brothers flag football game and I remember my aunt started crying since she was sad of Ruth’s death. Shortly after, Donald Trump and the first Lady Melania Trump tested positive for COVID-19. To be honest, I wasn’t surprised. Then Eddie Van Halen died due to cancer and I only remember this because Mr. Dolecki made us watch a video of him playing the guitar in memory of him which was basically what we did for our whole class. Finally, the most recent event was Joe Biden getting elected as president. I find it funny how Trump thought the counting was rigged and I still find it odd how votes were still getting counted after a week of the election.

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2 thoughts on “Free Write: Recap of 2020 By Helena G.

  1. Hi Helena,

    You did a really great job of explaining all the troubles that people have faced this year!

    -Rihanna Romeus

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