Free Write : The Handicapped

The night was dark and foreboding as Josh and I struggled with what we were about to do. I knew in my gut what would happen, I knew that we should’ve gone home and forgotten about all of this, unfortunately I didn’t listen to my gut. Most people doing what we were about to do would’ve been terrified, and to be truthful so was I. Maybe Josh was too, he didn’t seem like it. Pacing around the wall, a slight smile on his face as he tried to approach scaling it. Like solving a math equation you already know the algorithm for, you just need to plug in the numbers. Although the magnetic shield did complicate things. The wall produced a faint hum that you wouldn’t hear unless you were listening for it, I was. But I didn’t know how to disable it, Josh clearly didn’t either. As I was about to propose a plan, I was knocked over into a bush to my right. As I caught my breath and my vision cleared, I saw that Josh had tackled me onto my back. I glanced around trying to see why Josh had pinned me to the ground when I saw a beam of light cut through the jagged holes in the wall. My eyes averted back to Josh who had climbed off of me. His pointer finger was raised hovering horizontally above his mouth, the message was clear, be quiet. Luckily our all-black getup made us nearly impossible to see even for someone with a trained eye, especially in the cover of our bush. We both observed quietly as a seven by seven section of the wall retracted and slid away. Out walked an individual in the thick, navy coat of a security guard. I couldn’t tell if they were a man or a woman, but they were muscular. The section in the wall slowly slid back close as the person started pacing back and forth. Suddenly, an idea popped into my head. I looked at Josh and I could tell he’d gotten the same one, he just didn’t approve. He was slowly shaking his head and his eyes widened. 

“It’s our best bet.” I whispered making sure the security guard couldn’t hear me. Josh pondered this for a moment. 

“If we stop them from going back inside they’ll know something’s wrong.” He responded. 

“We’ll just have to move fast then, which shouldn’t be a problem.” I could tell Josh was surrendering to the fact that this was the only way we could do this successfully.

“Fine, but we have to slip inside the wall just before it closes. I’ll take care of him when we’re closer to the building.” I nodded and we both fell silent again. The security guard seemed to be doing a perimeter check, he wasn’t doing a very good job as me and Josh stayed in our hiding place without detection for a good ten minutes. As I began to feel impatient I heard a crackle. I cocked my head forward. The sound seemed to be coming from the security guard. I glanced at Josh and he was mouthing the words “walkie talkie”. I nodded in response. I watched as the security guard lifted the walkie talkie to his mouth. 

“Perimeter seems secure, I’m re-entering the facility.” I heard in a rough, low voice. Josh’s head whipped to look at me and he slowly crept into a catlike stance as I did the same. The security guard stood in front of the wall, and after a few seconds the seven by seven section began to retract again. It grew closer and closer and closer to rejoining the rest of the wall as I slowly counted down in my head, “3, 2, 1”. I leaped out of the bush without making a sound and in a matter of seconds I was on the inside of the wall. I looked behind me and saw Josh a few feet behind me sucking wind. He clearly had not made an entrance as extravagant as I had, however, we had more important matters to attend to. The security guard was about thirty feet in front of us and hadn’t noticed a thing. 

“Now for the fun part.” Josh whispered in a pessimistic tone. If the stakes weren’t so high, I might’ve laughed. Josh tread warily from where we were standing and without a sound slunk towards the security guard. I watched in awe as he crept up directly behind him, but I had to look away when he knocked him unconscious. 

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