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When I was 5 years old I found out that people could ride horses. My mom was the one who got me into riding horses. When I found a farm to ride at I rode this little white pony named snowflake. She was a circus pony who retired from it and became a lesson pony. Every other kid was so scared of her but not me. I loved going fast but the thing is we had a special bond like she liked me in a way that she wouldn’t with other kids. Then when i started getting serious about riding my parents got me my first pony. His name was Cowboy and he was a grumpy one, but I didn’t mind. He taught me alot along the way bringing me from short stirrup to the 2’3 equitation. Even though he didn’t have any lead changes he still taught me a ton of things. He wasn’t like a made pony where he knows what to do. You just sit there and win. We did have some good and bad days but those were the ones to cherish. 

 Then one day my trainer decided that he wasn’t good enough to do what I wanted. So the journey started to try horses. I tried so many that I liked. There was one that I loved and her name was Dinka. She was a chestnut mare. In the equestrian world Chestnut mares are the crazy ones. But she was so sweet and kind. But she wasn’t good enough. So we tried more . We stumbled on the horse I have today. His name is coconut and i didnt know how to feel about him so I tried him again and I fell in love with him. We had the vet come and look at him and he passed the check. So we waited a week and then we bought him. He came home may 30 a saturday. And he was absolutely perfect. 5 months later my trainer said that she sold the barn. So me and my mom went to look at barns. First we looked at Stony Lane Show Stables . It was a beautiful barn but the drive was too far away. Then we looked at Red Gate Farm. In that little facility there are three farms. I looked at Sea Horse Show Stables. I told them about coconut and they fell in love with him the minute they met him. It has been 2 months with them and I love it already. They are the sweetest people I have ever met in the horse world. They are very encouraging and help me when I need them most. I have a show this saturday and it’s my first one with them and i’m really excited.   


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  1. Hi Isabella,

    That’s so great about Coconut! I loved your story. I think you did a great job using Writing Tip #1. I also ride, at a tiny barn in Easton. I was supposed to show in October, but it was canceled due to the coronavirus. Good luck on Saturday!


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