My View of Freedom

Some people think dirtbikes are loud, oily and disgusting vehicles but I think dirtbikes are freedom. I think dirtbikes are a way to escape. 

 I recently sold my red, Honda CR 85 dirtbike. Although I didn’t realize it before, I have realized how dirtbiking was a big part of me. It was something I could do when I felt like getting away from life just for a couple of hours, or when I felt lonely, or when I felt like getting free. 

I remember feeling the cold brisk air against my rosy red cheeks as I was zipping through the orange and yellow falling October leaves on a chilly october afternoon. I remember the times when my friends and I would be so excited to ride them whenever we were done with school. We were bursting with excitement just to get away from life. 

I remember the time when I had purchased my first dirtbike. I remember jumping for joy, and being so excited I couldn’t stand it. I asked my Dad to drive me to a friends house so we could ride together, and escape together. We were both so happy knowing that we both had a way to escape life for just a couple of hours.

So to me, dirt bikes are more than just a vehicle. They are my happiness and freedom.

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2 thoughts on “My View of Freedom

  1. This was a really well written piece that helped me realize that to some people, dirt bikes are so much more than just a veichle.

  2. Addison, I can imagine that many people don’t see eye to eye with your opinion on dirt bikes. Like you said, people think they are oily, loud, and disgusting. But the way you explained the freedom and happiness it brought you made me wish I had that sort of escape. Nice piece of writing.

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