Free Write – Emily C. “Camping”

We arrived at the campsite on October twenty third around six. The sky was slowly turning light grey with blue speckles scattered like a painting on a canvas.  Autumn definitely made a large imapact on this area of Connecticut. With cold winds blowing to the east-west. It was snowing leaves! My friend and I dicided to explore the campsite before darkness fills the sky.

The campsite was located next to a massive river, so that was our first destination to check out. As we made it down to the river the ground was no longer visable because so many colorful leaves had covered it.  The river was absolutly stunnning with beauty and it was so unreal.

As we explored the campsite more things started taking a turn there was a weird looking bathroom that seemed straight out of a horror movie. We walked inside.

“What is that”, I sighed as I pointed to a driping liquid on the wall

“I’m not sure”, she replied

The other side of the bathroom led to another part of the campsite. There were stakes in the ground with hats on the end of each stake. My eyes widened as I took in what I was seeing. What the heck is this, I thought. We both looked at eachother with questions. “Lets go back to the cabins,”she says. “Okay,”I agreed. We both started walking very fast and by now the sky had turned to a dark grey.

As we were heading back up to the cabins a yellow lab raced across the trail targetting us. “Theres a dog right there I say with fright in my voice. The dog sniffs our legs and 30 feet behind the dog is a lady on a golfcart.

“I didn’t know anyone was coming”, she questions us. “My mom rented this campsite,” my friend relplies kindly. The lady explains herself then drives away. My friend and I both look at eacherother knowing that no one else should be at this camp and it was kind of strange.

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3 thoughts on “Free Write – Emily C. “Camping”

  1. I love how you set the reader right in with the plot! I also liked how you described the setting in a beautiful manner. Keep up the amazing work!

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