Free Write – Isabella P.

Everyone thought that 2020 was going to be a great year. 

It all started last year in March. At the beginning of this worldwide pandemic everyone thought it was a joke. The school shut down for a week, and all the teachers told us to leave all the supplies in our lockers thinking we would be back at school the next week. The first week went by, then another, then a month, then 3 months. After being in lockdown for a few months, people knew it was bad. We ended up spending the rest of the year doing online school, and there was no way of knowing when this pandemic was going to end. The summer was very weird. Luckily, I was able to see one or two of my friends which helped the summer go by a little bit quicker. At the end of the summer, things were not great but good enough for schools to open. The schools started out as hybrid where you go in for two days, and are at home for three. My parents decided to keep me and all of my siblings home from school this year though because they thought that it was the safest decision. After staying in hybrid for awhile, the school opened up full time, but I continued to stay at home. After the schools opened full time, the cases in our country hit an extreme high. We then went back to hybrid, and now are in full distance. It is now the end of November 2020, and there is a vaccine that will be coming out that should prevent people from getting the virus. I am hoping by the middle of next year our society will be back to normal. I’m sick of my first instinct always being “Do I have a mask with me?”.

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  1. Hi ,
    I think your story is amazing and I can totally relate and I feel awful for you since you have to be doing full online school.

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