Free write – Lost

A regular day. Another week. My dog gave me a panic attack. 

It was the day of November the 25th in 2020 and that afternoon I let my dog out. Almost an hour passed, and I went to go looking for him thinking one of my family members let him in, but to my surprise he was not in the house. I decided to take one of his favorite toys that he always answers to, thinking he would hear it and come running back out of excitement. Two minutes have passed and still no sign of him. I started to question myself; where could he have gone, in the woods or up our driveway and onto the road? I started to frantically look everywhere. Scanning my eyes along the see-through forest, hitting a deed end after dead end. Alarmed and worried I turned to my mother for help, however she was on a call with one of her colleagues and told me to just try harder to find him. I turned to my father, who was in the garage. Telling him the same thing I told my mother, he said the exact same thing as she did. So I did just what they told me. 

5 minutes have passed and still no sign of him. So I turned for help to my parents a second time and they finally agreed to help. After all, three eyes are better than one. We continued to search out 3 acer land and still no sight of him. I turned around and told my mother that at this point we should brace for the worst, as something this bad has never happened to us before. At this point I was in a panic. I had to think outside of the box. An Idea hit me. I ran inside grabbing the car keys of our Honda civic. Shortly after I told my mom that It was time to look on our street. She reluctantly agreed and we started to drive slowly, reaching the top of our driveway. As we scanned every inch of our street, my mother spotted him two doors down!

It was like an early thanksgiving miracle!

Our neighbors were not home at the time, however they have hired some gardeners to tend their outdoor needs. Thankfully our dog loves humans and sadly not his own kind, and in this case he had his hour of fun, and to top it all off made some new friends, which in this case really saved our heads. 

And just like that he was found and safely returned home. 


Signing off 

  • Maya 
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