Free write – Still alive

(DISCLAIMER- this is only part of a story)¨C´mon Macy this isn’t funny anymore¨ That´s  one of the last things I ever said to Macy Green.

We were in the beginning of our freshman year. The group was Macy Green, Adam Kage, and me Danielle also known as Danni. ¨So freshman’s, dang we´re growing up too fast¨ says Adam. ¨I know its crazy to think we were just in middle school¨ Macy adds. The bell rings as we all shut out lockers and head to homeroom; Me and Macy have been in the same homeroom for 3 years now. which is a good thing because she´s my best friend. Adam was with us last year but he´s in Mr. Mac´s this year. ¨See you at lunch¨ Adam yells down the hallway.

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1 thought on “Free write – Still alive

  1. I really liked how this makes you fell like you are in the entire experience, even though it is a short little piece out of the story.

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