Free Write: Thanksgiving 2020-Sophie-Marie

4 years ago my aunts and my mom made a rule, no politics on Thanksgiving. However while the women are in the kitchen preparing dinner, and the men are watching football, rules are broken.

This is around the time where my Aunt Tina comes in, she’s also my dads twin sister. She proceeds to announce to my uncles and my dad that there are not politics on Thanksgiving.

This happens every year, at this moment right now, 7:10pm, Thanksgiving day, I’m sitting in my cousin bedroom. Her bedroom door is open, and the living room is right outside her bedroom. My dad is sitting a recliner next to my uncle. My other uncle, who’s house it is, is sitting on a beanbag.

Faith, my little cousin who’s room I’m currently exiting at 7:12pm, is doing something in the kitchen. My sister, whose the same age as Faith, is making a Faith a hotdog out of Playdoh.
It is now 7:15pm, I’m sitting at the dining table sipping black tea. Aunt Holly made me the tea, and my mom, aunts, and cousin Jillian are talking.
My brother is impersonating “Big Ben,” 16 years in the future, in my cousin Jacobs room. Jacob is impersonating Mike Tomlin, also 16 years in the future. My older cousin Geo is laying on Jacobs bed.
It’s now 7:20pm, I just burned my tongue on my tea. My aunts are talking about relatives I’ve never met, or heard of. I’m fiddling with my grandmothers ring, my dad let me wear, today.

Aunt Holly is telling a story in her heavy Bronx accent. My dad is teasing Jillian for forgetting to buy cheese for the cheese platter.

It is now 7:22pm, I’m carrying my tea into Jacobs room. I’m leaving behind my Aunts and mom discussing relatives who I’ve never heard of, but apparently have met.
It’s now 7:25pm, my brother is FaceTiming his old friend from New Jersey. One minute later Jacob randomly decides to hang up on my brothers friend. Jack calls his friend back, and now there talking.
Jack and Jacob are wrestling, Jacob is one year older than Jack. Jack is now hiding under Jacobs bed. Now I’m leaving because I’m confused, or not.
7:30pm, my head is starting to hurt, and I’m so nauseas. I’m not looking forward to the hour and a half ride home in the backseat of my moms car. I changed out of my dress into a sweater and leggings right after photos. My eyes are starting to hurt.
My mouth tastes like tea, my ears are ringing, and all I can think of is, this was fun.
My brother just called McDonald’s, he asked for a whopper, they said he could get one at Burger King. Jacob is laughing his brains off, with my brother. I’m biting my lip, that’s funny.
I’m having fun, even though I feel sick in my stomach, and my shoulder is aching, and my head hurts. I’m having fun. I’m with my cousins, we’re laughing, and for that, I’m thankful.

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