Free Write: The Global Pandemic

The Coronavirus ruined 2020. As if we didn’t have enough to deal with, physically and mentally, a virus was started and spread to the U.S. Within a blink of an eye, we went into quarantine. Being locked up with my family for 6 months was not the ideal situation. I wasn’t allowed to see any of my friends, so it was very hard to find something fun to do. I can’t remember a time that I wasn’t bored out of my mind. I did spend more and more time outside however, which helped develop my love for nature. Finally, everything started looking better after around 6 months, and I started seeing my friends again with some precautions. We went back to school, but it was nothing like normal. We started off in a “hybrid” mode, where half of the school came in for two days, and then returned to learn from home for the other part of the week. The other half was home for the days the first half was in school, and came in the other two days of the week. On Wednesdays everyone stayed home. I hated hybrid, since the majority of my friends went into school on the days opposite of me. We finally went back to school full time, which I loved. I got to see all of my friends again, and people I hadn’t seen since the beginning of quarantine. Then Halloween hit. It seemed like everyone had parties or large get-togethers. The cases of corona, which were already high, hit an extreme high. Next thing I know, we go back to hybrid. My cohort never got to go into school before we went back to all online learning. That brings me to where we are now. A vaccine with a 90% accuracy rate of treating the virus has been created. I pray that we go back to school full time soon, and that soon I will no longer have to walk into stores or buildings with a mask on. I am hopeful that things will get much better soon, and that our society will be able to function somewhat normally again.

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3 thoughts on “Free Write: The Global Pandemic

  1. Lindsay,
    This is very well written and descriptive and if someone wanted to learn more about 2020 and someones experience, this would be a good piece of writing to read.
    I really enjoyed reading your work!

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