Free Write-Vincent M.

When I lived in Texas I was around 9 years old. My father had signed me up for football. I was on the 4-5th grade team, my brother got put on the 2-3 grade team. I really enjoyed it, I had friends and people were just so funny on the team, I wasn’t the best though. All the other kids were a lot bigger and stronger than me and had been playing for two years before me, it was my first one. So people on that team started to pick up on that. The only time I would get picked for a partnership was if we were doing one on one or something like that. My friends who were similar in size to me were bullied a lot even before that, which they told me. Since I was usually around them talking to them people would come over when we were setting up lines and be mean to us. So they didn’t go the next year so I only had one friend the next year in 5th grade. I was better but still not the best. So I just got bullied and a lot more since it was just me and him and he was smaller so he was bullied more when I was actually paying attention. Eventually in the middle of that year he left. It was me all alone. I was the main target now. Going forward I still have memories of people getting me as a partner and saying “This should be easy” as they put in their mouth guard. So somewhere in the middle of the year I had left my helmet in my fathers car who was at work so I just watched, on the sideline. Those three people and their main guy Jack took this to their advantage and bullied me everytime they got off. Once they all three where off and they huddled around me and said things not so school appropriate mainly about my physical look and my intelligence I stood there and took it in trying my best to just go against them like saying “I can’t control that” and “I am not”. My father pulled around the corner to the field and I went to get my helmet. I walked up to my father and filled with so much anger I cried I couldn’t handle it. So I went home.  The rest of the season went on that summer I got center and we moved.

I went to the football team they had here. I wasn’t the greatest once again as I expected. The people were at least nicer though. The year went on and in the middle of it though we were doing a drill (I don’t remember the name). But someone behind me was picking on another kid, for being short. I heard this over my shoulder. I got so aggravated I bit on my lip so hard it bled. Eventually in the drill I was lucky enough to go against him and well I didn’t go my normal losing. Filled with anger I ran past him and dragged him on my feet. I felt though I hadn’t really done anything. All I did was give this person a bit of grass in their helmet and some dirt on their legs. I should have stood up for him in the moment, but in Texas I couldn’t stand up for myself. How would I have for someone else, was my excuse. I hope if I ever get the chance again to stand up for someone I will and just not listen.

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