Free-Write: Week 1, Day 2

COVID-19 was a shock to everyone. We seemed to be in a good place in March, but everything had to be ruined. I remember March 12th was our last day of school. Crazy how that was the very last day of a normal day. That was when the whole Corona virus was a joke and when people wanted to be out of school just for the fun of it. When the news was announced during art class, everyone was so happy having a 2 week break. Online school was a joke then and it seemed really excited at the time. March 13th was supposed to be a stressful day if we did have to go to school, I was very happy that it got cancelled. It was my birthday weekend as well. A week break for my birthday made me much more excited for this break. I got a lot of wishes which I was really happy about and it made me feel good. Then they postponed the date from going back to school from March 2-th to April 20th. After every month they said the same thing until the last day of 7th grade I was at home watching my sister’s virtual 8th grade graduation video. That was only the start of quarantine, the summer went a whole different way. 

Fariza K.

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