FW: Week 1, Day 1

“Unexpected!” by Fariha K.

A new day arrived – as always. It was an extraordinary, wonderful day at the prime of the world, Disneyland! The weather in California was simply delightful, and a new adventure awaited my family and I. Unfortunately, it was our last day in California, and after a lengthy time at every Disney and Universal Studios park, my sisters and I decided to take a day at the beach while our parents went to attend some work. We had to check out of the hotel in the afternoon, therefore, we spent the morning relaxing at the hotel before it was time to say goodbye. We were full of heartbreak due to the fact that the last day of fun had arrived, although we were joyful of the fact that our homesickness was coming to an end. We hopped on the tram in order to get to the beach, and the sight was breathtaking! We headed toward the water and found ourselves freezing! We went to get some floaties and towels for the afternoon. We quickly ran back to the water, and jumped right back in the water! We built elegant, gigantic sandcastles, we saw beautiful dolphins, we played in the extremely cold, blue-green water with our floaties. It was the perfect last day in California! But, I guess – I jinxed it. After a grave time of playing, we decided to go eat some delicious food! On a hot day in California, obviously, a barbeque would be held. There were burgers, hot dogs, chips, and fries, however, we only had some fries due to the fact that we were far too excited for the remainder of the day to sit in eat! While we ate our meal, something terrible happened, clouds started to form above us. The sunshine had faded, and the wrath of the rain was about to arrive – I wasn’t feeling very well either. Dreadfulness was coming.

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