Alex Rider

Another day for Alex Rider. Another day he was, looking over his shoulder every 5 seconds. He had to be careful. He used to be a spy for the MI6. His uncle, Ian Rider, had been secretly training him his entire life. He has been on over ten missions and has even been shot in the chest by a sniper. But he had survived it all. He was on his way to school today. It was a beautiful afternoon. He was riding his bike when a van drove by him. He didn’t think anything of it because vans drive by him all the time. But he started to worry when the van started to go in reverse towards him. He started to pedal his bike faster. He had a feeling that the van was after him. What he hadn’t realized is that the van was actually a distraction. He never saw a man jump out of a tree. And  the only thing he saw were a few stars, before he blacked out.

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