Free Write – Farah F

I was 10 years old when I moved to Connecticut, It was 2 weeks before school had ended and it was finally summertime, most people would have been sad to move but I wasn’t, this was a chance to start over and get more friends! Connecticut was a town that would take some getting used to, but I would soon get used to it I thought as a packed my school bag, excited for a new chance to make friends, I got in my mom’s car and played music on the radio the whole way to Elementary school, I got out of the car and soon got inside the school waving my mom goodbye as I stood at the door of new opportunity, I walked into a big entrance, stairs were spiraling up to the next floor where the 4th and 5th graders were, where I was supposed to go, I first met up with the principal to insure myself on where exactly I was going, but I soon made it to the stairs. I soon made it down the hall to the class I was going too, I got inside and immediately felt all eyes on me. I was a bit nervous but then found my eyes staring at my desk which was covered with welcome letters from all the students in the class I have never felt so welcomed before! I thought to myself happily. I sat at the seat as the teacher began to speak, “Hello class! This is the new student, Farah would you like to introduce yourself?” I nodded standing up, a bit embarrassed from too much attention towards me, “Hi! I’m Farah Foley. I came to live here from Queens New York! Most of my family lives in Ireland.” I stuttered through my sentences carefully. I was surprised with a big welcome from the whole class, I smiled the whole way through class.
Soon enough, it was lunchtime and the time had come to take a seat and introduce myself to the whole grade, surprisingly many people wanted me to sit with them I just decided to sit with my class, people came over to introduce themselves to me and I always introduced myself back.

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