My Sister, Elizabeth – Sophie-Marie

          When your six years old life is simple. The over-bearing walls of your parents shield you from the outside world. Which is why I saw this happen, and yet never knew it was happening. I never knew my sister almost died until years later.
When you become a mother, you release your life’s masterpiece into the world. You’ve created life, and now you want to see it thrive, and become someone.
On April 22, 2013, my mother brought her third masterpiece into the world. There were a few minor set backs, but I was holding Elizabeth Ann in my arms. Everything was perfect, my mom still made it to my in-class birthday party. Most importantly I had a little sister. For months I had re-made her crib multiple times a day. I would rearrange her new stuffed animals, and change which crotchet blanket covered the mattress.
Then tragedy struck, and I didn’t even know it was happening. We would feed my sister bottles and she would throw it up. She just wouldn’t gain weight, or eat properly. My mom took her to the doctor to find out why.
When you create your life’s masterpiece, you want to see it thrive. When your a mom, you want to see your child grow up, become someone. Then just like that, one of my moms masterpieces was ripped from this world, almost.
Failure to thrive, that’s what they call it when a child is born, and not strong enough to live. This wasn’t my moms fault, but as a mother, you see it as your fault. My moms heart was ripped from her chest. She couldn’t just go tell her daughter, who had wanted a sister forever, that her sister was gonna die.
As a mother, you never give up, on finding a way to save your child’s life. On seeing them grow up, them become someone.
On July 22, 2013, three months after my sister was born, my dads birthday, my sister had surgery. Your probably thinking some kind of lung or heart surgery. The surgery was on her mouth, more specifically her her tongue, I think.
As a six year old, Mommy and Daddy are going to laser surgery. Yes, they told me by then. Also I heard them talking about where they should get the surgery.
As a six year old, I sat with my grandmother, and brother, and watched “My Little Pony.” As a six year old, I still didn’t really know what was going on. As a six year old I was playing with my Belle princess dress I got for my birthday.

      It was done, one upper lip and tongue tie cut! My sister was gaining weight, and so far, has lived for 7 years, 8 next April. She sleeps down the hall from me every night, and has no battle scars from anything.
Everyday I cherish her, even when she’s driving me up a wall. And like the stubborn, determined Taurus both my mother and my sister are, the made it through. So always remember, never give up hope, keep on trying until you get the result you want.

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