Free Write – Sierra L

I could feel the pressure for Marley, it was her turn and I was up next. I was looking at her giving the look like ‘you got this’ as she glanced at me. I saw the fear in her eyes as she went into position. A sudden breeze came over me, my arms and legs filled with goosebumps. I was afraid and filled with terror and I wasn’t even up yet. The music had started and I counted beats along with Marley hoping she would hit every one of those on time with the poses and skills. I could almost see her shaking from how nervous she was, she started to rush and move faster than the beat, at first it was her full turn which ended quick, then she backed up and run into a nice, full front-tuck. Soon enough her routine ended, “Yea Marley!” I screamed and our whole team cheered until the sound settled down, “Sierra,”

I was freezing, shivering, but this had to go away I thought. I had been preparing for months but not for this one routine to go wrong. I had pictured all the gymnastic practices I had been to, all the years full of new skills, all to lead up to the one moment. So I sucked it up and everything started to fade away. Though I could still hear the distant screams and shouts that were rooting for me, I was ready.

Everything was going perfect, I was on time, on beat for every skill and every move. Until, I just finished my leap pass with a perfect split in the air and an amazing finish. My arm moved smoothly into my pose, getting ready for second tumbling pass. I started to sprint into my front tuck but as soon as I landed it I heard a crack in my leg and it went completely straight as if it had bounced straight then bent. Everyone who was watching me gasped, the judges too. If I finish this routine well I might still score high.

I went off the mat struggling a little bit but as soon as my name hit the score board, 9.25, I knew it was worth it.

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1 thought on “Free Write – Sierra L

  1. Very nice, Sierra!! I loved this story. It makes me feel very intrigued, and want to read even more!! Keep up the good work.

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