Rohan R Free Write

Years ago on December 17 2013 my sisters 4th birthday I came home from school and went down stairs to play with my dog at the time. Hours passed by, and before I knew it, my grandpa was on his way home from work. I was excited and waited and waited it was very big snowstorm outside.

I was 6 years old,not knowing how long it would take for him to come home. It was around 5 o’clock . I heard the door, grandmother said go and open the door. So I did ,then I ran back to the couch to play with my dog. As soon as my grandfather walked inside the house, he collapsed on the floor and I didn’t know what happened.  The expression on my grandmothers face showed it all. She frantically called 911. It seemed like eternity before the paramedics showed up. They tried everything but  were unable to revive them. That was the day I lost my Grandpa, a day that I can never forget. He was the only father figure that I’ve ever known.

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