Free Write Jeff B

Why do conspiracy theorists believe the bogus claim that they come up with? What persuaded them to believe that the government is tracking them, are the reasons they are dreamed up to rationalize the unknown like why religion was made. or is it to create instability in day to day life. In nearly all cases there are no facts to back up their claim the reason I said almost Is because the movements and people who support these movements base their reasons off of flawed logic and the logic might be flawed but it is still logic. Instead of saying masks don’t work because dragons carry the virus up their eyes. the most common reason behind what they think is based on reality even if it is incorrect. instead, the main reason is that the masks block off oxygen while letting in viruses. obviously, this logic is flawed and a bit of research can easily oppose what is said. I think that in many cases it is ironically backed up but there is no way to tell for real what thinking is rationalizing claims that don’t have any research or scientific support.

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