Free Write – Madison W.

Screams filled the air. “Thank you Redding Easton Falcons”. I ran off the mat feeling better than ever. ¨That was the best routine I have  ever done¨. The adrenaline was pumping up inside of me. All I wanted to know is if my team won or not. It smelled like victory. I remembered the  flashing lights shining everywhere as we were performing. I was hoping that all of our hard work paid off. 




   We were walking down to the awards room. I saw a big banner saying “which cheerleading team will be the next champions?”my head started pounding. I hope I wasn’t the reason my team won or not.  I heard the  announcement “Everyone please have a seat We will start, momentarily”. “We are going to start with division twelve small white.” We walked past our number one competitors. I felt a wave of  confidence. “Wow, I can’t believe I am here.” Suddenly I wasn’t listening It was like I ran off to my little world inside my head.I thought of all of the ways this could go down. We could we walking home as losers or winners.  “Hello! Maddie?” Gabby snapped me out of my gaze right on time for fifth place. “In 5th  place we have.. The Green Bay Packers.” I started to get butterflies. I had no idea what to expect. “Moving onto the next division.” I knew it was us. “Division twelve small red.” I read disappointment across my team’s face when it wasn’t our turn to get placed. I listened to all of the teams celebrating around me. I wanted that to be me and my team. The closer we got to our division the more joyful and more tense I got. As I looked around at all of the very talented girls around me. I thought to myself, I can’t believe that the season is almost over. “Division 12 large red.” It was our turn,  we all squealed. “Maddie” Sophie said “we got this, no matter what happens we tried our best” I thought of what Sophie said and I kept that in mind.  “In 3rd place we have…” Our heads were down and our hands were crossed right over left. I didn’t want it to be us. “…The Seahawks!” Screaming of excitement filled the stands. “Could this really be it?” Is what I thought as they were getting ready to announce the 1st runner up.  “In second place we have.. The Waterberry Knights! Again more screams filled the stands. “No way!” is what I shouted when they were about to announce first place.  “Your National champions of division 12 large red is..”  “.. The Redding Easton Falcons!!” We all jumped up like monkeys and started celebrating like there was no tomorrow! I felt tears running down my face. I couldn’t believe it!   


As we were boarding the plane I thought back to myself this was like a miracle. I knew even if we didn’t win it did not matter because I had fun with all my friends. What did matter was that all of our practices everyday paid off. These girls were all a part of my life now all of the memories are very special. Even after my team took a few falls, we still still stood tall.    



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3 thoughts on “Free Write – Madison W.

  1. Hi Maddie,
    I really liked reading your story and you did a great job on getting me involved and wanting to know more.

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