Free write- Samantha R

On Sunday 11/8/20 it was a very big day for me that I have been waiting for since I was in kindergarten on November 8th 2020. I was testing for my second degree black belt in taekwondo. I had just recently gotten my first degree black belt in 6th grade. Usually it would be a huge deal testing in the Community Center’s gym and loads of students and adults testing and even food after the testing was over. This year testing was kind of a let down. We tested in our academy,  and had to wait in the car when  other students were testing because our academy was too small to let everyone be inside. For the family’s and the parents who wanted to watch they were live-streaming the testing on Facebook. The masters were not even allowed to hand us our awards; they had to place the awards next to us. We had gotten there and we had to basically just sit in my car and wait the whole time because of Covid-19. Usually I would be able to write lots more  about testing but this time around it was a huge let down. I mean I will still always remember testing but it was just something I had been looking forward to for years and now it was just a huge disappointment.

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