Free Write: Erik S.

Every Christmas Eve my family has a Christmas Eve get-together where a bunch of my family members that I don’t know, manage to talk for a few hours straight. We get sent loose though so it is fun every year. Every year we go to 2 different houses, my uncle’s or my grandpa’s house first, and my aunt and uncle’s house second. If we go to my uncle’s house first (which is more common than going to my grandpa’s house), then we usually open family presents, talk for about 5 minutes and go to my aunt and uncle’s house. But if we go to my grandpa’s house we have much more to do, usually we have about an hour there to do whatever until we open the family presents and leave to my aunt and uncle’s house. The three main things that we can do are watch TV, shoot pool, or go upstairs and wrestle, play hide and seek, or run/hide from a chosen person trying to get you in the pitch black. We shoot pool for a little bit in the beginning, but then play upstairs for the rest of the time. Sadly though, we only go to my grandpa’s house every 3 to 5 years.

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