Free Write Maggie S.

When I was sick in a Blizzard

When I was young, I got sick during a very bad blizzard and I ended up having to go to the hospital. I went upstairs in my bedroom and asked my mom if she could help me pack my bag and she said, ¨sure sweetie.” When we were done, my mom and I came downstairs and yelled for my dad to get the car set up. Then my parents and I got in the car and made sure we had everything we needed, because we knew that we could be there for a while. When we arrived at the hospital my parents got my bag and helped me walk inside. Then when we got inside the hospital, we started to walk to the waiting room. The admitting person said “hi, how may I help you?” And then my parents said, “ my wonderful daughter is very sick and I was wondering if I can get her in a room and be checked by a doctor. The admitting person brought us to our room and told us to get set up. After the admitting person left the room, we were starting to settle in and my parents were saying how bad they felt for me because I was really sick. My mom gave me my Ipod to play on while we were waiting for the nurse to come in and ask us questions. My mom came close to me and sat next to me on the bed. After a little while of waiting, the nurse came in and asked us questions, we answered them all and then she told me she had to put an IV in my arm. The lady said, “my name is Chole, and the next thing that we are going to do is put a pulse oximeter on your finger.”


The Next Day when I woke up I felt sick so I woke my mom up, and I said, “hi mom, good morning mom, mom I have a question. Can we please order some breakfast?” My mom answered, ¨sure what do you want to eat for breakfast? I answered, “can I please have some toast and Jelly?” My mom said sure I’ll call it in for you. After ordering breakfast Mrs Chole asked, “Hi Maggie, how are you feeling, can I please check your IV? I answered, “ I’m not feeling much better at all, and yes you can check my IV.”. Then Mrs Chole said, “ok, did you order breakfast?” I said, “yes I ordered toast and jelly. ”Mrs Chole was like okay, great! I have a medicine to make you feel better but you’re gonna have to stay with me for 2 days.”

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