Free Write: Tyler

The year of 2020 hands down has been one of the worst years in history. Other years could never live up to this. 2020 is like 4 years all tied into one. We have never seen so many celebrities die and so many people. Just top it off we are going to be “celebrating” Coronaviruses “birthday”. Yep that’s  right it’s been almost a year since the virus was reported. But here is my 2020 story. It all started when we were all sent home from  school for one week. Well that was the plan. Then we were told we were gonna be full online for the rest of the year. All of us saw it as a positive thing, but it wasn’t. I was then left to be stuck in my house with my dog and my parents. Then in April my year was about to go downhill. I was minding my own business when the news came in from my parents telling me that my aunt in Michigan, had died from stage 4 cancer. It left me very broken. Then two weeks later we lost my grandpa from many illnesses because he served in the Vietnam war. It left our whole family in great turmoil. Then a few more months past and we were off to Michigan. I mourned my late aunt, and grandpa. It was a very sad day, the worst day of my life. When we came back home, my grandma had fallen before we left and she was not acting right. The EMT came and to this day she is still recovering. This is my 2020 story.  2020 will never be forgotten ever! 

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About rcjockers

I am a middle-school language arts teacher in Connecticut. I like eating hot peppers from my garden, writing, and watching German soccer matches in the dark.

2 thoughts on “Free Write: Tyler

  1. I really liked your free write on this year Tyler, I am sorry to hear about your aunt and grandpa, and I hope that your grandma is okay. I hope that 2021 will get better for all of us.

  2. I liked how you provided context of the year prior to telling your story to give information to future readers.

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