Free Write- Julia S

I woke up bright and early at 6:00 to head for my horse show. I threw on my clothes, got my bag ready, then ate breakfast while I was eating. I looked at the sky and saw how it was orange and pink. My mom came downstairs, got her coffee ready and we went in the car.
When we got to the farm I was showing at, I went to my trainer and my teammates. It was very cold and I could feel my nose about to fall off. This isn’t a regular horse show, it’s one where you don’t get to pick the horses you ride, the judge pulls out a hat and has to pick it, so whatever you get even if it’s a naughty horse you have to deal with it. After I saw the highschoolers show, the team got champion. But as I watched the next set of riders go. While one person who got this horse named “Flexi” was doing one of her cases she got way too close to a jump standard and Flexi got scared and threw her off and ran on her. She was crying from all the pain. I wished to god I wouldn’t have gotten the same horse. After everyone made sure she was ok(she had to go to the hospital) it was getting to the time where I had to go up so I went back to the car and got my boots, show jacket, my number, and helmet on.
I then went to the judge booth and looked at the horses I got for jumping. I got Hopper a horse from my barn, and out of my luck for the flat I got Flexi. I was definitely scared to get on him and I knew this was risk-taking. First I did my jumping class, and it went very smoothly, not my favorite riding but we jumped all the jumps and didnt have a fuss. I happened to get 1st which i was very happy with.
Next was my flat class with Flexi, I was praying that I wouldn’t get killed. Once I got on him he felt fairly comfortable and calm, I still had a lump on my throat from showing nerves,”take deep breaths” my trainer said.
Then I went up with a group of people to the ring for our flat class. The judge announced, “Please keep walking as your class is now being judged.” I still was nervous but Flexi seemed very calm so I didn’t feel as I was going to have a bad run, the judged announced “please trot” I squeezed a little and he went to a trot it was a really fast pace, so I shortened my reins and pulled a little to make it slower. The judge then asked for a canter and we went right to it. The round was a little messy but Flexi was really calm and collected and he listened to everything. I realized that the rider probably did something wrong to make the hose act that way. I ended up not placing in the class but i’m really happy how smooth it was.

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