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Were nine months into lockdown since the coronavirus put everybody worldwide into home confinement. Everything was shut down in March and no one was supposed to leave their home unless it was something essential. Even if you were to go out, masks were mandatory.  Everybody stuck at home not able to see anyone unless they were related to them, or lived with them. March 12th was the last day of school last year of seventh grade where everybody was together without a mask not worrying about having to stay six feet from one another. We all found out we have two weeks off of school but we didn’t know how much life was going to be different for the next nine long months of  quarantine. 

We’re currently coming out of the second wave since November which led to schools, some restaurants, hotels, and stores being closed again. Although most are reopened they have strict regulations with mask still being mandatory if you go out in public. Schools have been closed again but most places are open. They are saying they are coming out with a vaccine. With everything going on and everyone being drained from having to stay home for the last nine months we all hope the vaccine comes out soon.

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  1. The president said Tuesday that the first people picked to receive the vaccine could get it in just a few weeks; we can only hope. . . .

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