Football Frenzy

What a throw. I threw that ball on a dime like I wasn’t even trying. It was a great throw but an even better catch!


“Hey guys wanna go to the field and play football?”  Billy questioned.


“Yeah I’m down.” 


As I arrived at the football field on a warm saturday morning in the middle of November, I saw geese poop. And a lot of it. It smelt as bad as the septic tank being emptied. It felt like mud being squished by my shoes. It sounded squeaky when stepped on. And so the game began…


We started off matching points.

 It was like an offensive explosion.

  With the score tied up at 21 a piece, I thought: I hope someone has a good play.

“Come here we need a play.” I said to the team in the huddle. Billy said “hold up I have a play of  my life.”



I hit Billy on a quick slant. The second he caught the ball he laddereled it back to Logan who sprinted into the endzone. My heart was racing with joy. I could not believe we just pulled this off. It felt like the Minneapolis miracle.

Woahhh! All we needed to do now was a stop on defense. We all played tight defense on our man until TJ made a quick stop causing Billy to faceplant in the dirt which lead to a touchdown for the other team. 


Ok. We got this. We need something big. A touchdown. I sent everyone to the left side of me. I called Billy in motion. When he came within the reach of a hockey stick I tossed the ball back to him. Somehow Liam came out of nowhere and was there to wrap up Billy behind the line of scrimmage. 

2nd down. Everyone was told to run hard 15 yards and then slant across the field. Billy and Logan ran the play to perfection but the defense had them locked up. I saw Desmond Deep down field. He ran a route that I did not tell him too. He was as open as the empty ocean. No defender is sight. I launched the ball and threw a dot to him. I hit him perfectly and stride. The ball grazed off of his hands and he dropped it. 


3rd down. Ok we need 25 yards here to get the first. We knew what we needed to do. I had Logan and Desmond on the left of me and Billy on my right. We knew that they were going to play single coverage and have TJ be the safety. I told Billy to run his signature route. He spirited 10 yards then ran towards the sideline. I pump faked and Billy shook off Andrew (Honestly I would have fallen for this move too) then ran straight up the field. I threw a lob pass to Billy. It was right on the money. An easy touchdown, all he had to do was catch it. There was 1 problem. TJ! We forgot all about him. Billy started to celebrate at the 5 yard line. Right at this moment TJ came in and pounded Billy to the ground. The fugitive ball fumbled furiously. 

It was at the same time that some old guy yelled from the parking lot, “never give up on anything until it is over.”

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