Nantucket Extravaganza

Two summers ago, my family and I took a vacation to Nantucket Island with one other family. The motif I chose was joy, and a theme I found in my experience is to enjoy the joyful moments with family and friends while it lasts. One thing I learned from joy, is that it is contagious.

We left for the house at 5:30 a.m, and headed up to Hyannis Point (a ferry port), in Massachusetts, to go board our ferry to Nantucket. The car ride up I collected my snacks, grabbed my headphones and listened to music. It was a peaceful, but long drive. “Mom are we there yet? This feels like 4 days!” I asked. “Not yet hun. We will be there in about an hour. And be quiet. Your brother is sleeping!” Mom hushed. I put my headphones back on and waited it out. 

We arrived in Hyannis, and my dad dropped us off, while he went to go find a parking spot. We saw the Viani’s waiting for us on the bench and we waved, and they waved back. We walked over to where they were sitting patiently waiting for us there. “What’s up guys!” My mom yelled in excitement. “Ready to board the ferry?” Mrs. Viani asked us. “Yes!” We all answered back. We got our stuff and headed on to the ferry. I sat with my brother Jack, while my parents sat together. 

After a beautiful and fast ferry ride we were ready to get off the ferry and go to our new vacation home. We packed up our stuff and headed off the ferry. My dad and Mr. Viani went to go get the rented car, a Volvo, so my brother, mom, and the rest of the crew, all walked to our house that felt as far as a marathon.

It felt like forever, but we finally arrived at our house. We got the key and opened up the door to the house. “This house is beautiful!” My mom yelled to us. My dad and Mr. Viani arrived home with the car, and all 9 of us sat down in the living room to talk about our game plan. “Mr. Viani and I will take the car to go get some grocery food.” My dad told us. My mom and Mrs. Viani talked to us about rooms. “Who wants to sleep downstairs?” Mom asked. “I will.” Jack said without hesitation. “Ok well… Now we know every other bedroom! Thanks Jack!” Mrs. Viani said. I went upstairs, unpacked my things and got ready for the beach. “Guys come onnnn. I want to leave, and get to the beach!” I yelled upstairs. “We’re home!”My dad yelled up. “We are going to the beach.” I told him. “Guys come on!” I yelled up. “Coming!” They said. We hopped in the car, and headed to the beach. We parked our car and walked down to the water. CRASH! The waves were really big! I was so excited. Jack and I ran down to the beach with our Boogie Boards, while my mom grabbed her chair, and lay down. I jumped in. 

After a long day at the beach, we packed our stuff and headed back. We got home and it was time for dinner. My dad made 3 frozen pizzas for us to enjoy. After dinner I headed up to my room after a long day and fell asleep. 

I got up at 9:30 and thought to myself: Should I go back to sleep, or get up? I decided to get up and went downstairs to see what my dad was making for breakfast. “Ooh eggs. I joked to my dad. “Here’s a bowl. It will be ready in 2 minutes.” Dad told me. Dad handed me the bowl as I waited patiently for my breakfast. BUZZ BUZZ. I felt a vibration on my phone and saw a text message from my eldest brother Max who couldn’t attend due to his soccer. What’s up! How is it? The text read. I texted back, and it was time for my eggs. My dad took my bowl to put the eggs in and gave me back the bowl, “Thanks dad!” I ate my eggs and got ready for the day. 

“Today we are going to go biking to Madaket beach. It’s a long bike ride, so make sure you have water, and you’re hydrated!” Mom told us. “Everyone ready to go?” Dad asked. “All set!” I replied back. “Ready.” Jack deterimently said. We started off our bike ride on the main road, being extra cautious. We went through the beautiful, brick, boulevard, and went by some absolutely beautiful sights around the

island. I followed my mom closely, like a baby duck with its mom. We passed by the Cisco Brewery, Surfside beach, and many other beautiful sights. 

When we arrived back at the house I was exhausted. And I knew that dinner would be made soon, so that made me perk up a little bit. Dinner tonight was chicken tenders and fries, my favorite meal. I wolfed down my chicken tenders, and was ready for a good night’s sleep. 

The rest of that week went so fast. Like a breeze. I couldn’t believe we were leaving Nantucket today. “Is everyone ready?” Mom asked everyone. “All set.” We all replied. We hopped in the car and were ready to board the ferry, once again. The ferry ride went as fast as a blink of an eye, and we found ourselves saying goodbye to The Amazing Nantucket Island. 

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  1. Hi Tj! I realy like yoyr memoir and how you showed how much joy you had. Overall I loved reading it.

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