College Expenses Must Be Lowered

Education is essential in life. It can help employ many, and ensure a successful life. If education is so essential, then why does it cost such an excessive amount? Though college students are already extremely stressed with all of the work they are bombarded with and their time consuming jobs, they also have to worry about having enough money for their next meal. 

According to Candace Talmadge, the results of a survey conducted by Edvisors showed that around 76% of college students reported being broke during their college education. Tamara Keith states that Monica Nezzer, a college student of the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, was interviewed about her struggles financially during college. Along with college tuition, she says she’s “paying rent, on top of paying for books, school supplies, things like that. Commuting costs.” She also reported that at some points, she didn’t know if she was going to get through the semester. Scholarship America states that in a study conducted by Ohio State University it was found that around 70% of college students felt extremely stressed with their money management. It was reported by the U.S News that in 2020-2021 college costs for private colleges averaged about $41,411 and college costs at public schools was about $26,809.

A change needs to be made. College students can’t keep living like this. The state governors need to reconsider the college expenses to make it a little more affordable for students to get a good education. This would help many college students have enough money to cover college expenses, and yet still be able to pay for things like rent, meals, materials, and other necessities. It would also help college students who are struggling to pay for college through loans, since their exhausting fight to pay for their outrageous amount of debt and expenses continues years and years after college. It would also eliminate a lot more stress in their lives, since even with their intense worrying about their education and finals and what their future may look like, they also have to worry about their finances. It would allow college students to enjoy college without that financial burden. Some colleges including Utica college, Rosemont college, Central Washington University, Washington University, and more, have finally lowered their college costs by a lot. Most of them lowered their costs around a generous 40%. Other states should follow these colleges’ actions, and do the same. College costs have only increased insurmountably over the years.


Colleges clearly need to consider lowering their costs. College students can’t take much more.

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