Kids need recess at school

Recess is important for kids in schools. Kids get their energy out and are able to pay attention better. That time is being taken away from schools in CT.  1 in 4 elementary schools no longer have recess. Kids need recess to be able to be kids and have fun. They need to let out steam and take a break from school. Did you know that 60% of children, including 5 with attention deficit disorders wired more and/or fidgeted less on recess days. The impact recess has on kids and how they learn and their ability to focus is crazy. A study from the Time article states that in 2009 They took two kids, an 8 year old and a 9 year old,  one of them had one daily recess period of more than 15 minutes. The results were that the one who had recess time had improved classroom behavior than the one who didn’t. This time of being outside has many benefits for kids. Here are some benefits; recess reduces stress, natural light improves wellness, recess develops social skills and physical activity feeds that brain and many more. 

According to The voice of play “ 97% of teachers agree that recess improves the behavior of students who tend to behave badly”. Behavior can be changed by letting kids get fresh air and play for at least 20 minutes. 49% of teachers take away recess time as a punishment for bad behavior. Teachers should not be able to remove recess. It is unfair to all students.

Recess is a crucial time for kids who need to move around to get energy out. It is very important for kids who need to make friends. They spend time talking to people and making new friends. Kids act out when they do get to revive all their energy. 23 elementary schools in Orange Florida have trimmed or cut out recess. We need to act quickly. The Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents (CAPSS) need to make a law that all schools should have at least 20 minutes of recess for all grades.

If all grade levels get at least 20 minutes of recess, studies show that kids will focus on school with deeper attention and hardly get distracted. In Finland, there schools were at an F on how their students were learning.They moved up to an A. They got to an A by forcing the teachers to give 15 minute breaks every hour of every day. This just shows how strongly kids can do with recess. In 2014 studies show that more than 200 elementary school students found that physical activity improved students’ fitness and brain function. Recess is essential for kids.


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  1. We chose the same topic so it was interesting hearing your point too ! Loved how you stated the statistics and presented the problem !!

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