Shattered Dreams

Biological boys should not be allowed to play on women’s sports teams, for many reasons. Males are physiologically different and that’s science! Men and boys have more testosterone which generates more power, strength, and speed.  This creates an unfair advantage for boys. For example, a male can run faster, they are stronger, they can run for a longer period of time, and they are taller.  Unfortunately, in our state of Connecticut, boys are allowed to participate in girl’s sports, and they are stealing opportunities from girls. They are ruining girl’s sports right before our eyes. Rand Paul, a senator from Kentucky, stated at a confirmation hearing that, “20 percent of boys running in track can beat all the girls in a state. Allowing trans girls to compete on girls teams would wipe out girl’s sports.” We need more senators like Rand Paul to fight for fairness. 

Transgender Women in Sports - NCAA Athletes and Their Right to Compete

It’s time for parents to fight for fairness for their daughters. Utah’s state representative Kera Birkland said “275 high school boys ran faster times than world champion sprinter Allyson Felix.” And that proves that it is unfair to let boys participate in girl sports. 

There is also a problem when it comes to girls losing their chance of having a scholarship or losing a championship or even getting injured. Senator Lee said at an American Principles Project forum last month that there are instances in mixed martial arts, football, running and even roller derby where women have been injured or lost championships and scholarships because they were at a competitive disadvantage against biological males.

Caster Semenya is a victim of rules that are confusing and unfair | Athletics | The Guardian

Some states have put it into consideration of changing the law, for instance, “Idaho passed a first-of-its-kind law this year that bans transgender women from playing high school and college sports in the state. With the problem of girls losing scholarships and championships and possibly getting injured, the sports aren’t going to be as fun to participate in. Senator Lee stated, “When transgender athletes compete against women, women’s sports are no longer women’s sports; they become unisex athletic events,” Lee said in a statement. “This bill would protect the opportunity of girls throughout America to athletically compete against other girls.” The women playing these sports just want to enjoy themselves and have fun.

As you can see letting males play in females sports isn’t right nor fair, and it shouldn’t be allowed. The time is now to go to your state senators and urge them to protect female athletes from losing their dreams or have their success on the field taken away from them by male athletes.

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21 thoughts on “Shattered Dreams

    1. What about the trans-men who are taking anti-hormone and anti-testosterone pills? Should they be able to compete?

    2. Yes but the same this would apply for women there really aren’t any rules against trans-women in Womens sports but its the same thing like there more stronger and faster then women that aren’t Trans.

  1. Dear Brooke,
    Transgender women don’t have a huge disadvantage against biological women. Because when you are transitioning, you take hormones to become the opposite gender. For example, a man transitioning to become a women would take estrogen to change their gender. And transgender women should have just as much as opportunities as biological women because they are still women even if they weren’t born that gender.
    Sincerly, Alex

  2. Now this is all about women. How would the men feel that are being targeted? What if a women wanted to play a “mans sport”. They can. Sarah Fuller played football for Vanderbilt. So whats the difference?

  3. Dear Brooke,
    I respectfully disagree. Do you think that men shouldn’t be able to compete in women’s sports, but women should be able to compete in women’s sports. I just don’t logically think this makes sense. There have been many records set that transgender men have broken in the woman’s league. But there are not many records that women have set in the mens league how about Sarah Foller. It just didn’t work out. I just don’t think this makes much sense and I very much disagree.

  4. Many adult softball leagues are co-ed and this is very fair. women are getting the same oppurtunitys as men


  5. Many adult softball leagues are co-ed and this is very fair. Women are getting the same opportunities as men.

    Luke and Will

  6. hahaha why is everyone mad; aren’t there like 5 of these from male perspectives and why do you target the one with the other perspective

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