Should Transgender Men Play in Women’s Sports?

The Olympic Sports Committee Should Ban Transgender Men in Women Sports


I don’t think that transgender males should play in womens sports because of the unfair advantages. I think women can compete against these modified males, but they should stay with their same gender. To help you identify this problem is that adult modified males have more overall muscle mass and less body fat than females, even in trained samples. Modified male athletes average 4% to 12% body fat compared to 12% to 23% in female athletes. Selina Soule, a women track highschool star in CT has this story to tell. The HR5 rule passed by (house speaker) Nancy Pelosi allows all LGBTQ males to compete in women’s sports.  Two male athletes who identify as female, have won 15 women’s high school track championships that were once held by nine different girls in the state of Connecticut.Selina Soule a local trackstar has this story to tell. As Selina states in her video “we all know men are physically stronger and compete at a higher level”. “Young women are losing athletic opportunities, dreams of competing at the next level, and even potential scholarships”. “In a few years women will just be eradicated from sports”. As I watched this video I can hear the deep pain in her voice and attempted to imagine what I would feel like if I was headed to a New England final where the best compete just to get my spot taken by a genetically modified person. Just think of your accomplishments in life running as a trackstar to get destroyed by 2 modified males who were born at a stronger level. Seizing your scholarships and future as a female runner. According to ( “Men, whose levels of the hormone are usually some 10 to 15 times those of women, typically have larger muscles, denser bones, and higher fractions of lean body mass than women. That hormone-fueled transformation gives huge athletic advantages, and men on average run faster, lift more weight, and throw harder and farther than women”.Say in women’s basketball there is a modified 7 foot tall male that just towers over the average college female basketball player of 5 ‘6 which is coming from (ncaa This just tells you why both of these sports should not combine. Transgenders generally have blood with higher oxygen-carrying capacity because testosterone stimulates bone marrow to produce more red blood cells, says Siddhartha Angadi, a cardiovascular physiologist at Arizona State University in Phoenix ( My way to help is to send emails to the olympic sports committees and encourage people by convincing them to help send emails and get noticed by the Olympic Sports Committee to ban the ruling of letting them in. If transgenders are no longer allowed in the olympics they will reflect upon other leagues, divisions such as highschool sports. 

If you are not convinved watch this

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11 thoughts on “Should Transgender Men Play in Women’s Sports?

  1. Dear Jesse, this editorial is very beautifully written. I loved all the information you wrote. Very good job! – Kyle

  2. I think you are confusing transgender males and females, a transgender male is someone who transitioned to a male and a transgender female is someone who transitioned to a female. So your editorial is saying transgender men (who are men) should not be able to play on a women’s exclusive team.

    1. Hello Griffin
      All the research I did used the words “transgender males”, but you are most likely correct because I am not the greatest with these transitions and what they want to be called. My stance is that if you were born a male you are biologically a male. My reason for that is because most of the cells in these transgenders bodies are mostly the same, but an exception for their sperm cells. So my opinion is that they are male that have a little change.

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