Teenagers Should be Required to take a first aid course before babysitting 

Teenagers Should be Required to take a first aid course before babysitting 

Babysitting is a big responsibility. Babysitters are responsible for the care, safety and life of a child. For this reason, states should require teenagers to take a babysitting safety course. Babysitters need to know how to handle emergency situations. They not only take care of the children, but they have to make sure the pets don’t get loose, and the kitchen doesn’t catch on fire or get broken into.  Basic first aid along with a babysitting course will help keep everyone safe. 

 Getting hurt is part of being a kid, but according to the center for disease control and prevention, most serious injuries can be prevented. A basic babysitting course will teach babysitters how to keep kids safe in their houses. Teaching teenage babysitters the most common causes of injury and what to look out for, will help prevent accidents from happening, says, Jill Creighton, assistant professor of clinical pediatrics at Stonybrook hospital. 


The number one reason Babysitters should be required to take a course before taking care of children is because distractions and not supervising are the number one cause of accidents by children.  If babysitters are aware and focused everyone will be safer.  It’s time for states to demand a course be taken. 

The Babysitting course will teach the babysitter how to deal with difficult behaviors and how to be a good leader. The course will teach you how to be prepared in case something happens or an emergency needs to be dealt with.  Taking a course will make you more valuable to the

 the parent. You will have an edge on other teenagers who are looking to babysit.  The parent is going to hire the teenager who took the course because they know their children will be safer.

Whether you are a brand new babysitter or have been doing it for awhile, a course will help you get good skills and keep children safe.

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