The Government Should Shut Schools

  In the United States alone there have been more than 1 million children covid cases, and yet schools are not closed all around the country.  This increases the cases of people worldwide, causing more and more people to die. Schools are making the problem worse because children spread the cases to adults, cases continue to grow, and research shows closing schools reduces spreading of COVID-19

Students and children can be asymptomatic. Students may not show symptoms of having covid, but could have covid and spread it to teachers, elders and their community. Studies from US News show “We observed that the higher the community case rate, the higher the school district case rate.” This demonstrates that when students or staff get COVID, the number of cases in the community raise. This is because students and staff get COVID they don’t know they could have COVID, and spread it to others. This can be lethal because covid-19 cases could start to increase. 

The government could slow down COVID by shutting down schools, but they choose not to.  This is critical to citizens of the U.S because the government should be working with their people as much as they can to stop a deadly virus that has killed many hundreds of thousands of people. 

According to the CDC, there are 537,000 deaths worldwide as of March 2021. One study shows shutting down schools can slow the spread of similar viruses as stated by US News, “Markel cites his own study on the Spanish flu of 1918 and 1919. He and others found that cities that closed schools and banned public gatherings for about a month saw many fewer deaths. Doing so earlier and for longer periods seemed to help.” We can learn, and study information from the previous 1918 and 1919 Spanish Flu that stopped schools for a month can help and save a lot of lives. This demonstrates it is better for the U.S to stop and disband schools until staff and students get the vaccine. The government should slow down the spread of COVID by forcing remote learning until everyone that attends schools gets the vaccine. 

In conclusion, shutting down schools will help and slow down the spread of COVID. The three primary reasons why schools should be shut are schools spread the virus, a lot of people are dying, and closing schools reduces spreading. In a pandemic we can’t lose more people than we have already lost. The government should do everything in their power to close down and stop the spread of covid.

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