The US Government needs to do more About Climate Change

The US government needs to do more about Climate Change

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Humans are Earth’s most advanced species; And we live in one of the worlds greatest nations ever to exist and if the United States acts on an issue others follow. However our government has consistently failed to meet one specific problem: Climate change. It is the biggest threat in today’s world to humanity. Its effects have burnt California, Flooded cities, changed the weather patterns and caused the Sea level to rise and sunk islands. This problem is easy to address. 97% percent of Climate scientists agree that the Climate is changing. And it’s not like we don’t know how to solve it we just need to be less wasteful and more Eco-friendly.However  the United States has faced an obstacle in solving this issue that comes from our very own Government.

Our government, despite the overwhelming evidence does not fully agree on the very existence of climate change. 28% or 150 members of Congress are Climate Deniers. And if they won’t agree on its existence it probably won’t act act on it. So the US government, in order to protect its own future as well as the world’s, needs to put Climate Change as its top priority and the 150 Congress Members that do not acknowledge Climate Change’s existence must either publicly say they think Climate Change is real or get voted out.

This is not impossible, however time is running out according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change we have until 2030 to lower the global temperature to 1.5 Celsius , right now it’s at 2.0 Celsius. According to the Pews Research center 40% of the country are at least doubtful of the existence of Climate Change, that is 131 million people that mainly believe this lie because their government officials deny reality and say Climate Change is a hoax. For our country to take significant steps to end this crisis we must first bring that 40% back to reality. We also need to steer our country away from fossil fuels and be a shining example of what Eco friendly nations should be like if we do this then the world will follow. We have a special responsibility being one of the world’s great polluters. We are responsible for 12% of the world’s greenhouse gasses. We have a debt to pay to the rest of the world.

Pie chart of total U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by economic sector in 2017. 27 percent is from electricity, 28 percent is from transportation, 22 percent is from industry, 12 percent is from commercial and residential, and 10 percent is from agriculture.

Our Government should get its story straight and as a whole acknowledge Climate Change and then it needs to take immediate steps to make the switch over to Renewable’s. This will be a hard goal to reach but we ate the country that sent people to the moon, who created the world’s oldest democracy and who maintains stability around the globe if anyone is up to this challenge we are and we must for everyone’s sake.

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