This needs to change.

According to Research, at least 38 towns in Connecticut don’t have sidewalks, forcing pedestrians to walk the streets while having to look around corners to see if any cars are passing. Sidewalks should be in Connecticut. Although there are no accidents in Connecticut so far, there is still a risk that this may be a huge problem in the near future.

The need for sidewalks is instrumental.

“‘A walk able neighborhood is one where people know each other. That adds to safety, that adds to a sense of community, it adds to familiarity with what’s going on – certainly crime is lowered the more people know each other,’ Adam explains in a new video that Walk Denver produced with support from Kaiser Permanente.” quotes from the video, “Why Sidewalks matter: A Sunnyside Video on Vimeo”.

Some may think that sidewalks are not needed for neighborhoods but this isn’t necessarily true, sidewalks can help meet individuals and connect more with others while walking down the sidewalks, yet when walking in Connecticut it can be dangerous walking the road and having to look back every time you hear a car’s engine. Sidewalks can also be a huge prevention factor since sidewalks help to stop more roadway crashes.

Providing walkways for pedestrians dramatically increases how well pedestrians receive their needs are being met along roadways.

According to “Sidewalks play a vital role in city life. As conduits for pedestrian movement and access, they enhance connectivity and promote walking. As public spaces, sidewalks serve as the front steps to the city, activating streets socially and economically. Safe, accessible, and well-maintained sidewalks are a fundamental and necessary investment for cities, and have been found to enhance general public health and maximize social capital.”

Sidewalks should be an exponential entity in Connecticut. The positives and the negatives show that Sidewalks are an important undertaking of society and that Connecticut should consider having them in all towns in Connecticut.

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