Trans Men Should Not Be Allowed To Play in the WNBA


Transgender men should not be able to Play in the WNBA


Transgenders playing in the opposite gender sports has been a big controversy throughout all of America throughout the last couple of years. I understand you may think well since they changed their gender they should be able to play in that gender’s sports. Well, I think otherwise.

My first Reason this is ridiculous is what if a 6’10 NBA player decides to be trans. Now he’ll have to play in the WNBA and destroy the average height of a 5’9 woman player. That would be completely unfair and ruin the fun of the game for women. Also According to quara, 99% of NBA players can dunk, and only 7 different players in the entire WNBA’s existence have dunked basketball before. So just imagine even a 6’4 point guard dunking on some 5’9 female does not sound fun and it will most likely lose women’s interest in the sport. BBC said, “ there are many reasons why some women rarely participate in sport and physical activity: discrimination – others/males/media devalue female sport and activity.” That’s another reason why trans men should not play in the WNBA.

Layshia Clarendon Is The WNBA's Most Outspoken Gender-Nonconforming Player  | them.
Photo of a dominating trans man Layshia Claredon

Now besides playing the actual sport there is another reason why trans men should not be able to play in the WNBA and that is the locker rooms. If you were a girl would you be comfortable with changing with a different gender? And they can’t even make another locker room for the “other genders” because they only bring in around 25 million per year, and paying the best players a strict 200k. 


Letting Trans athletes in the WNBA would make it worse for the females playing the sport, most likely having the trans men dominating, but it would have the sales go through the roofs as there will probably be more dunking, 3 point shooting, etc. Also according to LiveScience, Men have 26 more pounds of muscle on them than the average woman. 26 pounds is a crazy difference and it would and will make the WNBA, incredibly unfair if you let Trans men play. Finally, Quara said, a boys high school team would be a WNBA team, so having a bunch of tall trans men would not make it better. So I am calling on Kelly Loeffler to not let Trans men be apart and play in the WNBA, as it will bring inequality in and out of the game.


By, Jack Lippoth




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2 thoughts on “Trans Men Should Not Be Allowed To Play in the WNBA

  1. Jack,
    Saying “transgenders” if offensive, also you are clearly mixing up transgender women and men

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