Is depression taken seriously enough?

Many have most likely heard of depression, but do they really know what it is? Depression is a feeling where sadness and loss of interest takes over. Normal activities that you once enjoyed, no longer will be appealing. Many consider depression to be serious, but do they themself take it seriously?

Depression affects around 300 million people of all ethnicities, races, and ages a year, says Hope for Depression. The World Health Organization says that “depression is the leading cause of disability in the world.” Depression affects people of all ages. It is able to affect people as young as the age of 6. In school they go over the very basics of depression but do not go into depth. There are barely any statistics that are shared to show how serious it is. Many know that depression causes harm but did you know that, “Depression is the primary reason why someone dies of suicide about every 12 minutes. – over 41,000 people a year,” says Hope for Depression. There is always a chance that someone around you may have experienced signs/symptoms of depression. They might have thought of self harm as a way to conclude their feelings and thoughts. “492,037 individuals visited hospitals in the United States due to self-harm in 2017,” quoted by Verywellmind. Self harm is very dire. Self harm doesn’t always connect to depression, but depression is a piece to the puzzle. After someone does self harm, they should think about how it’ll affect the people that care about you. Think of what can happen after. Depression is not something you can prevent but it is something that you can get help with. 

Schools and society should take action to help educate others about depression. There should be an annual assembly or gathering during school showing the students and teachers of the school how serious it is and how seriously they should take it. They should have the guidance counselor check in on all students once or twice a school year or more. They may not have the time to be able to do this, but even if it is a classroom teacher, health teacher, or gym teacher it would be helpful. During health class, there should be a unit on mental health and depression, anxiety, and more would be incorporated with the unit. Kids and adults should talk to anyone, a parent, a guardian, a friend, a therapist, or even a support group. There are other people that have experienced what you have so don’t be afraid to get help. Reducing the number of self harm and depression is a benefit for all of society.




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