Is “Redskins” an offensive name for a team?


“Redskins, Redskins, Redskins.” Is what you would be hearing if it weren’t for the sensitive people having to control everything they get offended by.

 The Washington Redskins sadly changed their name to the Washington Football Team on July 2nd 2020. Why you may ask, well people were offended by the Redskins name because it’s a slur, now even if it is a slur I feel that the Redskins logo is showing a strong Native American warrior. The people said that the Native Americans are offended by this name, but a poll by “The New York Times” shows 9 in 10 Native Americans aren’t offended by the name “Redskin”, this poll was taken by 504 Natives across every state/district that has Native American people living there. There was another poll taken by the same people saying 8 in 10 would not be offended if a non-native called them a Redskin, but the people that aren’t even Native American are offended!? “Redskins is a powerful name, it’s a warrior name” -Mark beasley Washington Redskins fan, from the Navajo nation (one of the biggest Native american tribe reservations.) “They’ve never asked Native Americans. It’s somebody else who knows nothing about us trying to speak for us, and it’s kind of an insult,” Wade Colliflower, Team Redskins representative from the Chippewa Cree Tribe. Non Natives are speaking for the Native Americans because they always think they know what’s best for others. The Redskins Logo was designed by a Native American, and approved by Native American leaders. This shows that the Redskins logo really isn’t a big deal. Listen, there are much bigger and scarier problems in the Native American community than a logo that shows nothing but respect. There are many other things to worry about such as healthcare, crime, alcohol, drugs, lack of employment etc. Many Native Americans said that they are more offended by the people trying to speak for them than the actual logo itself. 

The community can be amazing, but also not so great. The community will be blinded by the light and follow trends that they don’t even understand such as the BLM trend, the community will only point out negatives and no positives. This is to get everything there way. This is why I’m asking companies not to give in to the community. There are countless examples to express how this is happening such as Chick Fil A for the owner being a christian, NASCAR for supporting trump, New balance for supporting trump etc. I would keep going with the list but there’s way too many. Sadly this has happened to the Washington football team, and it’s all because of canceled culture. The Redskins are under attack.



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