Make Catcalling Illegal



Women have to stand up for themselves when it comes to being cat called. Some women just walk with their heads down and try to walk faster and get away from the problem. Men need to understand that it’s already hard enough being a woman but being cat called isn’t helping. Ellen Hoenigmen Meyer spoke up about her daughter and her own experiences. She first started off with her 11 year old daughter. She was outside one day playing with her 10 year old brother in the front yard. She was wearing a shirt that stated “ unicorns are real “ the man proceeded to yell at the little girl and whistled aggressively at her. She immediately told her mom but the mother was in the house and didn’t witness this grotesque man whistle and yell sexual comment at her daughter. The mother spoke up about her fair share about being sexually harassed. She doesn’t want to teach her daughter to always keep her guard up and always have to carry weapons ( there are 25% of women being sexually assualted , 61% of women physical/aggresively assaulted , 40% of women cyber sexually profiled but in total there is about 80% of women each day being sexually assualted) to keep herself safe or feel safe only when she has them. When the mom told the washington post about her assault she explained it as “disgusting”. When she explained in detail “she was tongue tied, embarrassed and frozen” while she was talking about it.The mother doesn’t blame the daughter, she wasn’t wearing anything provocative. Even though the clothing choice doesn’t matter. The daughter shouldn’t live in fear because someone is trying to sexually harassand or have sexual thoughts about them. The mother also explained that when she was younger she couldn’t let her own bare skin be seen by anybody she couldn’t feel the sun on her own skin without feeling uncomfortable. She also said that “men need to teach their sons to noit have sexual thoughts or cat call them when they decide to wear revealing things’ ‘. Even though clothing choice doesn’t matter. According to Claudia Luiz the writer of “ The Making of a Psychoanalyst Studies In Emotional Education”. She states that on a basic level , is objectifying women and their bodies. There is nothing positive of sexual administration women don’t ask to be sexual objectified. Men just think that we like that attention from strangers but we don’t. The way I think of it is they probably think they’re cool or slick with it or something while they do that. Women need to feel safe and not afraid. Claudia Luiz also states that “ we talk about sexual harrasment likes it inevitable”.

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6 thoughts on “Make Catcalling Illegal

  1. Hello Isabella,

    Is this true that 80% of all women get sexually harassed, how do I know where this information is coming from there is no citations? How do I know if this information is true or not. Do you personally think that 80% of all women are getting harassed daily. I just don’t know if this makes sense.

    Sincerely, Addison

  2. Dear Isabella,
    I completely agree with your call to action that catcalling should be illegal it is disgusting and not right. I am wondering if there is a source for “( there are 25% of women being sexually assualted)” Do you mean that 25% of women have been sexually assaulted or the remaining number of women that has not been sexually assaulted is decreasing 25% everyday, because later in your essay you say “but in total there is about 80% of women each day being sexually assualted” is that the total percentage of women that have been sexually assaulted or something else. The way you presented your information confused me a little bit. Also what is considered catcalling? I am confused if complementing a women is catcalling or asking a women out is catcalling or is it harassment such as repeatedly asking if someone said no to go on a date, repeatedly whistling at women, and repeatedly commenting on someones body? I am trying to understand what is considered catcalling and get those stats clarified in no way I am trying to say the stats are false or invalidate what catcalling is.
    Sincerely, Griffin

    1. For ” I am wondering if there is a source for ” I originally said that but meant to replace with ” can you better clarify the meaning of”

  3. Hello Isabella
    I have one minor issue with one of the facts you proceeded to believe. You stated with no evidence “men just think that we like that attention from strangers but we don’t .”The way I think of it is they probably think they’re cool or slick with it or something while they do that”. I know that this is completely false coming from my standpoint and knowing a lot of the ways men act. Yes I do believe this story is terrible and could scar a kid, but this man that did this has issues because most men that respect women would never do anything like this. You said in a lot of your evidence “men should” when it’s only the males with issues that are accountable for these.
    Jesse Covino

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