People Need to Use Clean Energy

People Need to Use Clean Energy

Fossil fuels are harming the earth now more than ever pollution is at a high. Fossil fuels destroy our world, like fracking, fracking can cause water contamination in many areas and make tap water completely undrinkable. In 2019 77% of Americans believe that the US needs to use cleaner energy alternatives such as solar and wind power according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. The world hit 101 trillion BTU(British Thermal Unit) in 2018 the highest ever recorded in human history, the highest level since data collection began in 1949.

 Since 2000 solar energy has increased and coal mining has decreased from its peak in 2008 where 1.2 billion tons of coal was mined. Solar energy is a growing industry, more and more are getting solar panels installed on their roof for energy production and environmental decisions. In 2017 Bloomberg expected that in 2030 carbon emissions would be reduced by almost 30% since 2005. These facts are telling us that fossil fuels are becoming less used and clean energy is the future, I believe that larger companies and corporations should start to support and use renewable and clean energy to make a statement that helps our environment and can make them money, they can make money by investing in clean and renewable energy and clean energy companies can pay them to support and run advertisements for them. Renewable energy is a gold mine waiting to be discovered fully, besides the fact that it helps the environment. It is a great opportunity for investors and companies to make money. said “clean energy is a revolution across America”. 


 Clean energy is the future. It has lots of potential and is good for the environment. People need to support and get behind clean energy because it will pressure the businesses to use and support clean energy and then it will be more widely accepted. We need more solar energy fields to be built to help cut back on fossil fuels we need more windmills to be built wind and solar  power are natural resources that help the planet and don’t hurt the environment, some say that building solar panels and wind turbines is harmful to the environment well this is true but if they are utilized properly then they will have a positive impact on the environment. If everyone used clean energy then pollution rates would plummet to almost 0% air quality would get better and people would have cleaner water because fracking and coal mining will not happen in populated areas nearly as much. The earth will improve.

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