Schools Should Educate Boys to Respect Women

Street harassment is usually first experienced by the age of 17, according to the National Public Radio. Street harassment is mostly unwanted comments, gestures, and actions forced on  strangers in a public place without their consent and is directed at them because of their actual or perceived sex, gender, gender expression, or sexual orientation, stated by Stop Street Harassment. Street harassment is primarily a sort of sexual harassment. Studies show that sexual harassment of women has and can lead to many jobs unnecesarily lost. When jobs are lost, people are not getting paid and lose the ability to pay for daily life necessities. This is not fair to women to lose their jobs over a sexual harassment experience that they did not want and/or ask for. 

According to NPR, women are more commonly harassed by men. In Stop Street Harassment it states, women have been verbally harassed over twice the amount that men have. Stated by the Open Access Government, 97 percent of women the age of 18 to 24 have been sexually harassed in the UK. This clearly suggests that something has to be done to stop men sexually harassing women. Education of boys to not sexually harass women should be required in all schools. If we teach boys what is and is not acceptable behavior towards women at a younger age, the 97 percent of women who have been sexually harassed could potentially decrease as well as many other percentages that are related with sexual harassment. A New Report Reveals the Realities of Street Harassment | Bitch Media

Women do anything possible to avoid street or sexual harassment. Shown in Huffpost, Hallback and Cornell University surveyed roughly 5,000 people about street harassment. Studies show that 66 percent of people had changed the way they dressed so they would not get harassed. Women should not feel the need to change their appearance and themselves just so they do not get harassed by men on the street. When boys are educated on this subject, women could potentially feel comfortable leaving their house in clothes that they were already wearing and have no interest in changing. 

Studies from NPR show that 77 percent of women have been verbally sexually assaulted and 51 percent of the women have been inappropriately touched by men without their consent. This needs to stop. Women are human beings and need to be respected by everyone, including boys and men. 

If schools would educate their male students at a young age to be respectful towards women, we would not have problems like street harassment and sexual harassment today. The percent of women who have been sexually assaulted by men, touched without consent, changed their appearance, and lost their jobs due to sexual harassment experiences would be tremendously lower. Parents should not have to protect their daughters from men. We need to instead educate their sons.


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10 thoughts on “Schools Should Educate Boys to Respect Women

  1. Dear Gabby,
    I agree very much with your writing. It is very factual and there are some good numbers and statistics. I agree that something should be done about it. Thank you!!

  2. Dear Gabby,

    I respectfully Disagree with your Editorial because you used many false facts. For example the fact about 97% of women in the U.K ages 18-24 is false. That was a survey of 1,500 who had all been sexually assaulted and they were testing to see if they would tell the truth. Also with many of your facts you have no links to them so you have no proof that they are true. I also disagree with your claim because you talk about how schools should teach Boys about this but there are many things wrong with this. First of all parents will have to pay for a teacher to teach this and this would be a waste of school time when this could be taught at home. Even still, teaching them to respect women would do nothing because studies from Parentstoolshop ( kids which is ages 6-18 kids don’t de what they are told to do. Another thing I disagree with is the fact that 66% of people have changed the way they look to not get raped. This is false because this was a survey not an actual fact. I am not trying to come of as rude but their are many things wrong with this argument and this is what I dissagree with.


  3. Thank you Ryan for your input, but the article that I listed was not the only article that I used. How do you know that 97% of women the age of 18-24 have been sexually harassed is false? We also did not have to link where we got all of our information from, instead I stated where I got that information from. Thank you for making a comment on my claim, but I don’t think that it is a waste of time to teach boys to respect women if there will be tremendously less women sexually assuslted and inappropriately touched by men. Again thank you so much Ryan for giving me your feedback but everything in my article is true and all from reliable sources.

    1. Dear Gabby,

      Your fact about 97% is completely false. That was a survey among 1,400 people in the U.K and many of those people exaggerated about sexual assault. They considered looking, accidentally bumping into someone, and getting asked out sexual assault. None of these are any sort of assault. They also considered verbal assault as sexual assault. I know this is false because I did my research unlike you. I would also like to point out that your claim is a bad idea. Having Schools teach these people is a waste of money. Tax payers would have to pay for that to happen and I don’t think they want to pay for it in school when they can just teach their kid at home. I would also like to point out that the fact about 51% of women have been touched by men. That is completely false. This link ( shows that it is nowhere near 51%. I would also like to point out that most of rape allegations (up to 10%) are false so its hard to believe that most facts are even true. I do believe that men should be taught how to respect women but not in school.


  4. Dear Gabby,

    I completely agree with your claim and that something should be done about this issue. All of your facts are from reliable sources and you have some great statistics. Great work!
    – Georgia

  5. Dear Gabby,
    I agree with your writing and I like how you brought more light to this situation. I like the facts and information that you put in it. Great Work!
    – Kasey

  6. Dear Gabby,
    I somewhat agree with your statement but, this organization states says that 1 in 6 men have men sexually assaulted or harassed. I agree that educating men to not assault/ harass women but we should also teach men what is considered sexual assault. Men are much less likely to report rape and sexual assault( causing stats of men victims of rape and sexual assault to be invalidated and looked pass. Yes sexual assault is a terrible problem and needs to stop but I found that people tend to look past mens problems in these situations.

    Sincerely, Griffin

  7. Dear Gabby,

    I would like to start off by saying that your article depicts all men as rapists. What we should be depicting rapists as are rapists, not men. The problem with today’s society is that we are led to believe that men should be tough and not share their feelings. This is what leads to the lack of evidence when it comes to the sexual assault of men. The second thing I would like to talk about is that in your article you stated a “fact” taken from a survey led by the open-access government reporting that 97% of women in the UK experience sexual harassment. Three of the problems with this statistic is that you never stated that all the “97% of women in the UK,” were assaulted by men. Was it implied in this article? Yes, but it doesn’t end there the other problem with this statistic is that it was taken between 1400 women in the UK. If you think about it the lower the count of women the larger the percentile will be. If you were to take the survey between all the women in the UK. I can promise you the number will be a lot lower. The final problem with this statistic is that not all of the allegations were legally supervised by the proper authority. If you see this I thank you for your time and I would appreciate a response.

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